Its better :D


Artist Of The Week (June 2-June 9):
Steven Toang for “Beautiful Fighter”
See previous Artist Of The Week winners here.

Ben Kruisdijk


“Eruption” by rajewel.
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You never know where your gonna go, what your gonna do, or where life will take you, but you’ll never be able to find out if you end it.

hey-jen said: this is me creeping, once again. because you didn't get my last message i decided to send you another one because it was necessary. but you're all tumblr famous with all your little anons who seem to love you and think your cute :P okay imma go back to texting you now. k, bye. :)

hahah awe thats sweet, but i only have 300 followers lmao, and your the first to ask me something in the longest time, but thanks ;D

Anonymous said: are you single?

at the moment? yes, but in the near future we shall see :p

Anonymous said: you're so cute :3 :)

awe thank you im sure youre adorable as well :)